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Ex-inmates live on site at 7 Springs Ministries.  This is a 6-12 month program.  Through Christ-centered curriculum, worship services, Bible study and prayer, Re-entry participates apply God's word to leave behind past behaviors and plan for their futures.  Pastor Mike Farrell, formerly of the Foundry, is the director of Re-Entry and has over 30 years' experience in this specific arena.  The format is as follows:

  •  7 Springs meets the needs for shelter, food, clothing, and basic health and dental care upon re-entry.
  • We help them obtain legal documents such as driver's license, birth certificates, etc.
  • Employment is required once documents are obtained.
  • We provide counseling, life skills classes, and adult education to equip them with the tools to remain free and become reestablished in their communities.
  • Once employed, program participants contribute financially toward transportation, rent, and other needs.
  • All participants are required to live on-site with in-house supervision.

Note:  Re-Entry programs are proven to greatly reduce recidivism, which in turn, brings health to the community and lowers crime rates.  Studies show that 80% of those who complete a re-entry program and/or maintain the same job for (1) year after prison do not re-offend.

Pastor Mike Farrell