Prison Motivation 2

Prison Re-Entry

Three R’s: Rescue, Recovery, and Re-entry.  Currently, we work with regional municipalities through our Prison Re-Entry program.  With our recent expansions our hope is to extend our reach of services.  The diversity of our programs provide flexibility to work with multiple court orders.

Nehemiah House

Three R’s: Rescue, Recovery, and Re-entry.  We rescue men from self-defeating life-styles by helping them recover and find their God-given identity and purpose.  Through dedication and responsibility these men will re-enter society with renewed visions, restored marriages, and loving fathers



God + Redemption + Opportunities.  Is a weekly worship & fellowship meeting providing a supportive & loving environment for those suffering from addiction, sickness, or any other life burden.

Esther House

To provide safety and security for women that are victims of sex trafficking, abuse, and those who have lost hope due to drug addiction.  We provide the necessary long-term care for complete restoration and wholeness, by providing a safe place for healing while developing life skills to equip and shape women's destinies.


Drug Overdose Awareness Day 2017

"Crisis brings people together," Daniel Hughes.  There were more than 52,000 overdose deaths nationwide in 2015, more than gun deaths and car crashes combined, according to the Centers of Disease and Control and Prevention.  Public health experts says a 20-year trend of doctors over prescribing prescription drugs may be to blame.  Large numbers of people became addicted to prescription medication first, the theory goes, and many switched to Heroin as states passed laws to cut off prescription drug supply- Anniston Star.

Combating the Opioid Crisis

The abuse of prescription opioids, as well as, heroin, which is often cut with more potent synthetic opioids Fentanyl, has emerged from the darkness as a widespread public health crisis.

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